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AI in Latin America: a Delicate Dance of Progress & Peril 28000 days on tech

by Hector H. Lopez

In today's world, artificial intelligence (AI) is a double-edged sword—both a harbinger of massive potential and a bearer of significant risks. In my latest vlog, I explore this delicate balance through the lens of Mexico City, a vibrant and complex metropolis that exemplifies the diverse applications and implications of AI in Latin America.

AI as an Everyday Ally

Mexico City, with its blend of ancient culture and bustling modernity, is an ideal backdrop to demonstrate AI’s integration into daily life. In the vlog, I share how AI has seamlessly become part of the urban fabric—helping me navigate the city on an electric skateboard, enhancing public transport with smart buses, and connecting me with the city's deep cultural heritage in innovative ways. These examples show AI's potential to make life more efficient and enjoyable, illustrating its...

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