We connect creativity & collaboration with challenges, choices & change. Whether you want to improve your community, start your own venture, or explore your passions, we help you achieve your goals with our development initiatives, experiences & media.


Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve their full potential & make a positive difference in their communities through development initiatives that focus on education, entrepreneurship & leadership, experiences that connect them with mentors & peers from diverse backgrounds & sectors, & media that showcase their stories & achievements.

Our vision is to be a leading organization that fosters personal growth & social change by providing innovative & engaging opportunities, resources & stories to millions of people across the world.


We started BeNext in 2013 with a simple idea: to help people be the next version of themselves. We believe that everyone has the potential to be great & make a difference, but they often lack the opportunities, resources & support to do so. That’s why we created Be Next: a platform that connects people with development initiatives, experiences & media that help them discover their greatness & make a difference in the world.

Since then, we have grown into a global community of thousands of members, partners & supporters who share our vision & values. We have launched  development initiatives in various fields such as education, entrepreneurship, leadership, arts, culture & more. We have organized dozens of experiences such as workshops, webinars, mentorship programs, networking events & more. We have produced hundreds of media content such as podcasts, videos, blogs, newsletters & more.

We have also achieved significant impact in terms of personal growth & social change. We have helped our members improve their skills, knowledge & confidence. We have helped them create amazing projects that address the most pressing issues in their communities. We have helped them share their stories & achievements with the world. We have also received recognition & awards from various organizations & media outlets for our work.


The founding team of BeNeXT comprises a dynamic and dedicated group of professionals, driven by a shared commitment to fostering excellence and engagement. With diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, we unite under a common objective: to establish BeNeXT as the premier platform for personal growth and social transformation. Together, we harness our collective expertise to propel individuals forward and ignite positive change in our society.

Hector H. Lopez

founder, is a social entrepreneur, writer, communicator and thought leader. With a strong presence in ed-tech, higher education, international affairs and media, Hector is known to generate discussion. His exceptional writing and speaking abilities shine through diverse media outlets and formats, including experiential programs, podcasts, TV, streaming programs, radio shows, and YouTube videos.  His unique voice and style captivate audiences, leaving a lasting impression.


Adriana Muñiz

co-founder, is a vibrant artist, educator, and community builder. With a versatile skill set encompassing music creation, theatrical performances, and writing, Adriana infuses her work with creativity and innovation.

Her true passion lies in crafting compelling narratives that inspire and inform. Equipped with a fine arts degree in directing, playwriting, and production from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Adriana leverages her expertise to curate meaningful experiences and foster community engagement.

Andrew Hamsher

co-founder, is a dynamic scholar and researcher with expertise in political science, cultural studies, and archival science.

Holding a degree in English and History from Georgetown University, a Master's degree in Cinema Studies from New York University, and a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin, Andrew brings a wealth of multidisciplinary knowledge to the BeNeXT team.
His diverse academic background enriches our collective efforts and fuels our pursuit of innovative initiatives.

Diego Muñiz

co-founder, is a multi-talented audio engineer, director, and producer. With a diverse portfolio spanning podcasts, videos, movies, music videos, vlogs, and more, Diego's creative prowess shines through in his content creations.

His passion for storytelling and innovative production techniques drives him to deliver captivating experiences.
With Diego on the team, BeNeXT continues to produce engaging and
dynamic content that resonates
with audiences across various mediums.

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