Persevere No Matter What

28000 days Jun 01, 2019

Germán Babosa Cuadros shows us Bogota telling the story of GEBA Art Gallery & discussing the perseverance necessary for big dreams. 

So it's now day 14,397 and time flies, especially when you're surrounded with great friends that are willing to share with you their stories and also show you around their country.

I just can't say enough about Colombia. Its customs, its traditions, the people, the vibe. When you focus on the consciousness of harmony, Professor Alfonso Caysedo, called it learning to live.  It's no wonder that Colombians have that vibe. You feel it in their music, and you certainly taste it in the food. Food is amazing. There's a mixture of different cultures in Colombia, along with the traditions of their own country. It's like a mixture of different ingredients all brought into this amazing experience.

The philosophy of putting the most beautiful new buildings in the poorest areas of cities to foster inclusivity began here in Colombia. It's known as Social urbanism, and the idea is to connect the poorer neighborhoods to the city all powerful concepts about living. I want you to get to know my friend German.

We had an opportunity to hang out. This is what it was like.

German Barbosa:
When I came to Colombia, I saw artists needed spaces to show their art.  They needed galleries. But it's very difficult for them to get into these places. For me, the satisfaction is complete. The job is done, but we continue to help the new artists.

In the beginning nobody believes you. Nobody trusts you. Art in Colombia used to be elite. Very complicated to get the access into the exposition, galleries and all that. That's how the art world is and they do it to push artists out. That's why I started at the beginning.

My family didn't believe the vision at the beginning. They said, no, don't rent this place and make money instead. They said, no but I had a dream.

Hector H. Lopez:

When I first began, everybody was like, oh, you're too young. What do you mean? You're going to provide scholarships for creative people in Latin America. Where are you going to come up with the money? Everybody always said it's been possible. You can't do that.

German Barbosa:

I think that discourages everybody. A lot of people, but there is a secret of the power of the mind. When you have something you're thinking you can do, do it. Nothing is impossible. Nothing is impossible. Sometimes you're going to find the walls you have to jump them or break them down, go around, jump whatever. The result is going to be after that wall.

When I went to the United States I started from nothing from the bottom.  Yes, I am one of them.  We had the opportunity to grow. We had the opportunity to be hard workers, have family and watch them grow up.

When you see your kids in the positions where they can help others, that result, makes you happy. I say my job is done. It gives you an immense sense of satisfaction, too.

Hector H. Lopez:

So there you have it. It's about persistence. It's about staying the course. It's about continuing to go, no matter what. It's about keeping that spirit, keeping that vibe. If you stay on that track, there'll be losses and there'll be wins. But you can have amazing stories like Herman. And most importantly, this isn't exclusive to the arts. You can do this in entrepreneurship. You can do this in education. You can do this in anything you set your mind to, but you have to have the courage. You have to stay the course, no matter what.

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