Footsteps Across the Americas

Mar 07, 2024

by Hector H. Lopez

Amidst the symphony of countless airports, my legs find comfort in the embrace of well-worn Converse sneakers, a testament to the miles walked and stories collected. This seemingly simple snapshot holds the essence of an era—a relentless odyssey across the contours of the Americas.

From New York’s pulsating heart, spiraling down through the arteries of I-95 and I-10, traversing the Pan-American highway’s expanse from Mexico’s vibrant tapestry to Argentina’s southernmost tips, and weaving through the Caribbean only to circle back to El Paso, Texas. This journey was less an itinerary and more a pilgrimage—a mission to forge connections, spark innovation, and plant the seeds of change.

From the early days with the National Hispanic Institute to the inception of BeNeXT Global and Futuro Las Americas, each step played its unique note in the grand symphony of my dream.

In 2019, amid a tapestry of cities and serendipitous encounters, fate offered its most transformative gift in the heart of CDMX—meeting my wife. This chance encounter was not merely a union of hearts but the anchoring of my wandering spirit.

As I stand at the threshold of what promises to be the most monumental journey yet, I find myself caught between reflection and anticipation. Next week, I will reveal the deep significance behind the year of the lion 🦁, a symbol of courage, resilience, and the heralding of a new dawn. This emblem heralds not just the continuation of a legacy but the beginning of a rich, heartfelt chapter.

In the recent quiet, a profound transformation has unfolded—a journey from a ceaseless traveler to a role steeped in the rich heritage of Mexico City, ready to pass on the values and dreams that have guided my path to the new lion of my heart.

This memory, captured between airports, sneakers, and backpacks, serves as a bridge from my past to the imminent future.

Stay tuned as I embrace the onset of a new era in the year of the lion. The journey evolves, becoming deeply personal and imbued with anticipation for what lies ahead—a future interwoven with our collective dreams, aspirations, and the spirit of adventure. #YearOfTheLion #NewBeginnings #JourneyContinues

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