A little bit of direction

28000 days benext global May 10, 2019

Sometimes you just need to refill your creative tank by living life. Filling it with adventure and running straight towards the uncomfortable. Oftentimes people say Latin America, where are you going? And what people don't realize is the beauty of this region of the world.

It's amazing, and it gives me a little bit of direction because culture and shared experiences with others is what taps into the soul. I know that the best way to tap into that spirit is simply by getting on the road to understand what the needs of the community are exactly.

Not just the community that you live in, but the communities you plan to collaborate with prioritizing people and putting the human experience in front of everything else is what enriches society. If you want something new, you're not alone. But you got to take a dive. If you don't, you're going to keep being in that spot Hemming and hawing about it. Not really knowing. Should I do it? Should I not. But I don't have a plan. Well, let me tell you the plan. Getting direction from the community itself on the road.

Yes, I know it's hard to figure it out. It's even harder when you see your friends and they're taking this job and that job. But the reality is and it can be achieved. It's about creativity, innovation, collaboration and education. At least it is for me. So when people ask, what are you up to? Well, we're building a community of big thinkers throughout the Americas. We're looking for those who will be creative, social entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, instructors and engineers, the very kind of individuals that'll make communities like this and those throughout the Americas much more beautiful.


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