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28000 days benext global Mar 31, 2021

Today is day 15,069. We've been counting the number of days on this podcast. Each one of us, on average, has 28,000 days to make an impact. 28,000 days to make our lives count, 28,000 days to build our dreams, to build our businesses.

For me, well I'm 15,000 days into it. I'm sitting during the pandemic wondering what comes next. What kind of tools and resources are available for us to move forward? What kind of tools and resources are available for us to collaborate, to be able to take our businesses to the next level after this horrible time that we've all experienced?

So here's what happened earlier today. President Biden, along with Secretary Yellen, along with the SBA-- pretty much all of the president's administration came together with the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to have in depth discussions about what's really going on.  In depth discussions about the statistics that our community is facing.  To showcase the resources and tools that we can all tap into and that are available free of charge to all of us.

We will be listening in to some of the remarks made by President Biden to some of the remarks made by Secretary Yellen. And we will be having questions from businesses throughout America that are in the Latino community and facing significant hardship.

One of my nearest and dearest friends is now the Vice President of Government Affairs at the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. We have done collaborative podcasts before, but in this occasion, it's a special one because, well, something pretty big happened this morning with the President getting together with him and his colleagues. So I'd like to introduce the Vice President of Government Affairs at the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce C. Leroy Cavazos.

C. Leroy Cavazos:

Hector, thank you so much. And it's always a pleasure to be back with you live and on the air. It all started in 2008 in El Paso, Texas, on talk radio. And here we are, more than twelve years later, still at the game, my brother. So I appreciate it. My name is C. Leroy Cavazos, Vice President of Government and International Affairs for the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, an organization that for the past 41 years has been advocating for the economic interests of America's 4.7 million Hispanic owned businesses who annually contribute $800 billion to the US economy and who we represent a network of over 250 Hispanic Chambers across the United States and in Puerto Rico.

It is our honor, especially during this pandemic, to be hosting the 2021 USHCC Legislative Summit, which has been keynoted today by President Joe Biden and keynoted tomorrow by Vice President Kamala Harris and a lot of the president's cabinet.

I'm honored today, Hector, to be joined by the USHCC team, Brianna Dimas, our Vice President of programs and communications, who hails from San Antonio, Texas, and our chief of staff, Richard Garcia, who is in Washington, DC, hails from Long Beach, California, and who is also native Mexican from the state of Jalisco and also Melanie Boyer, who is one of our Latina leaders in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and runs the Hispanic Chamber there.

Thank you all of you for your hard work on this legislative summit as we tackle Latino issues, revitalize the American economy and take our rightful seat. Hector, at the decision table at the decision making table of America.

Hector H. Lopez:

Well, it's always awesome to collaborate with you, Leroy. Richard, Melanie, Brianna, welcome. Tell us a little bit about what it felt like today being at the table with Secretary Yellen with President Biden with his entire administration.

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