Unveiling the Future: The Mission & Ambitions of BeNeXT Global

benext global Jan 01, 2014

It’s time for something new. Ideas that inspire and bring people together to make eXponential leaps in development. It’s time we reconceptualize education. To bring new ideas to the table that facilitate top notch educations for the fastest growing communities in the world. To give hands on experience building education, internships, and apprenticeships for students that inspire them to be social entrepreneurs. It’s time to bring nonprofits and business from across the Americas together to innovate and create the vision for their future, along with the communities they serve. It’s time to enlist our students, our residents, our employees, our artists, our leaders in the endeavor of asking ourselves “What’s NeXT?”


What’s NeXT in our lives?  How do we plan to spend the 28,000 days we have on average and leave a lasting legacy?

What’s NeXT for our community? What kind of community do we want to live in and what will our role be in making that a reality?

This 2014 let’s build the think tank that makes “What’s NeXT?” a reality. Beginning today, we will lay out my thought’s and vision via this medium on how we can accomplish this together.  We hope to count on your support! 

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