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28000 days benext global Apr 02, 2021

This is day 15,070. Just yesterday, we were having an amazing discussion with the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and we had remarks from the President of the United States, Joe Biden on the impact of the Latino community in America.

Today, this is day 2 of our discussion on that very topic. Today we will have both Vice President Kamala Harris weighing in with her remarks on the matter. We will also have Secretary Yellen weighing in with her remarks on the matter. Every day must count. The average lifespan of a human being is 28,000 days so this discussion is part of making that day count.

Today, we have an amazing set of just people, individuals from our community that have been working day in and day out to provide resources and tools for us to be able to come back from these pandemic times. And the reality is we're all looking for it. We're all looking to figure out, how do I build that dream? How do I make this a reality? How do I make the next act be even better than the one prior to this pandemic? We've been having all sorts of people weigh in on it. Today is going to be no different. I'm thrilled to have the panel that we have today, as well as an amazing set of co moderators that are influencers in their own right on various social media platforms to weigh in and have a conversation and the conversation, well, guess what? You can get involved in it. If you're watching us on other platforms, you can text or guess what. Ask any of us to come over to clubhouse. We'll send you an invite and you can be a part of this discussion. You can be a part of the question and answer. We're going to get into nuts and bolts. We're going to get into questions about your story, your business, and we're going to make sure that we leave with resources that we all can use. That's what we do at the 28,000 day conversation.

So with that, I want to introduce our amazing group, our amazing guest today. First off, I'd like to introduce the Vice President of government affairs at the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce C. Leroy Cavazos, a near and dear friend for many, many years. Leroy, you and I used to do this live on AM radio back when it was like talk radio, we're talking, like back in 2008. And now here we are after an amazing day where you sat down with all sorts of people from President Biden's administration. You concluded an amazing set of workshops that have put a number of tools available for people from all sorts of walks of life from all over America, Latino and non Latino. Tell us a little bit about what happened today and introduce your amazing colleagues from the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

C. Leroy Cavazos:

Hector, thank you so much. It's an honor and a privilege to be here with you on clubhouse and the rest of our mods. I am honored to be here with my colleagues, Richard Garcia, who's chief of staff at the USHCC, Brianna Dimos, who's our vice President into programs and communications at the USHCC as well. We just wrapped up a historic legislative summit during an unprecedented time in America, where 4.7 million Hispanic Dome businesses who contribute $800 billion to the American economy each year and who have a customer base of 61 million Latinos living in America. We represent them. We honor them, and we know their sacrifices that they have gone through admit of this pandemic. And this legislative summit was about that about finding the necessary path forward to revitalize and reestablish our American economy. And we all know and we all understand if you're in this room that the revitalization of America runs through the Latino community, and it is our social, political and economic responsibility to fledge forward with that path in mind. So the legislative summit included high level speakers from President Biden's cabinet. We heard today from Vice President Kamala Harris on the American rescue plan and the $15 billion that have been set aside to save bars and restaurants across this country. We also heard from Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mallorca, one of the four Latinos in the presidential cabinet. Another historic milestone for our community is that we have four Latinos sitting in the presidential cabinet. Right now, Alejandro Mallorca has discussed the situation on the Southern border and what we have to look forward to as far as immigration reform in this country. It is time that our community comes out of the shadows. It is time that we stand in the light. And it is time that we claim our economic victory for America because it lies in our community. So with that, I am excited to start this session on clubhouse. I invite everybody to invite all of the people that, you know and all of the small business owners and entrepreneurs who need to be impacted by the evolving mission of your United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

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Conversation w/ Vice President Kamala Harris & the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce


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