Our studio creates & produces a wide range of media content that reflects our values & vision. We partner with various brands & entities around the world to deliver development, educational & entertainment content that engages & empowers our audiences. Our podcasts, films, series, courses, audio books & social media content are available in English & Spanish on various media platforms. Here are some of our media projects:

You have 28,000 days to live based on the average life span of 76 years.

How will you make the most of them?

This media project explores the big questions & lessons that shape our lives & the big projects that give them meaning. It features both video & podcast formats in English & Spanish.


This media project is all about creating the future of higher ed. Join us as we explore our passions:

  • Future of Work: How to prepare for the changing world of work
  • Future of K-12: How to innovate & improve the education system
  • Future of Higher Ed: How to transform & enhance the college experience
  • Future of Learning: How to learn anything, anytime, anywhere

This podcast covers topics such as:

  • Admissions: How to get into your dream school
  • SmartCampus: How to use technology to make campus life better
  • Entrepreneurship: How to start & grow your own venture
  • Student Engagement: How to connect & collaborate with other students & mentors
  • Higher Ed Media & Marketing: How to promote & showcase your school & achievements

… & more topics related to higher ed!

This media project is all about living healthy and happy as a Latino. We share tips, stories and entertainment that celebrate our culture and heritage. We cover topics such as nutrition, fitness, mental health and more. Our hosts, Dr. Aldo Maspóns and Hector H. Lopez, are from El Paso, Texas with a family legacy in the El Paso/Juárez border. Dr. Maspóns is a first-generation college graduate and a studio art and biology major from Santa Clara University. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge on healthy living with our community.

Join us as we make every day count by prioritizing good health!

This media project is all about showcasing the arts and music of the borderland. We feature artists and musicians from across the Americas who perform live from the famous Star City Studios, a state-of-the-art recording and production facility in El Paso, Texas.

Border Sessions is a platform for celebrating and sharing the diverse and vibrant culture of the border region, where different languages, traditions and styles blend together. Join us as we connect with people through arts and music, and discover the stories and talents of the borderland.


This media project is all about the conversations, debates and arguments that happen among close friends. It captures the stories of great friends who engage in lively and sometimes heated discussions that go in circles and end up where they began. Join them as they share their opinions, perspectives and experiences on various topics and issues.

This media project is both a community health development and media project. It produces a podcast and video content in Spanish for a private audience of patients and the general public.

Doctora Eri is a health expert who shares tips, advice and stories on various health topics and issues. Join her as she helps you improve your health and well-being.

This media project is all about engaging in collaborative learning spaces. We invite you to join topical discussions with thought leaders, facilitated by professional moderators & supported by cutting-edge technology.

This is not a passive or one-way learning experience. It’s an active & interactive dialogue about the future trends & their impacts, where you can get real-time feedback from your peers & industry experts.

This is in partnership with Beyond Academics, HEUG & beNeXT Global.


This media project is a TV and radio media project that explores the issues facing a changing America.

It brings together PBS and NPR affiliates from the southwest US border to form a multicultural and bilingual reporting team that covers topics such as immigration, culture, politics and more.

It aired for three seasons from 2011 to 2012. Co-created, produced and hosted by Hector H. Lopez.


This media project is a daily political talk radio show that discusses new ideas, strategies and leaders emerging from the US and Latin America.

It features guests such as presidents, politicians, staffers, activists, entrepreneurs and artists from all over the Americas. It covers topics such as democracy, development, culture and more.

It aired for 280 episodes from 2010 to 2011 on Entravision and Univision. Created, executive produced and hosted by Hector H. Lopez.


This media project is a collection of over 9 different online streaming programs on (now part of beNeXT Global) that cover various topics and issues related to politics, culture, education and more. It collaborates with PBS, Entravision and Univision to produce and distribute high-quality and engaging content for online audiences. Founded, co-created and executive produced by Hector H. Lopez.

It aired for three seasons from 2011 to 2012.

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