At BeNeXT, we catalyze transformation in education, entrepreneurship, and leadership. We provide expert consultancy and collaborative opportunities to individuals, organizations, universities, and communities dedicated to creating significant social impact. Our expertise lies in developing access to the highest caliber education. We actively consult universities in Latin America on attracting students from the USA and diverse countries throughout the Americas, as well as consulting U.S. universities on attracting Latin American students. Our tailored programs meet the specific needs of our clients, integrating cutting-edge practices with comprehensive support.

We have worked with governments, ministries of education, universities and k-12 systems worldwide.  We have extensive relationships with multinational corporations, and NGOs such as the G20, the OAS, Earthjustice, Smithsonian, and the USHCC to name a few. Join our global network of changemakers, access unparalleled resources, and contribute to a legacy of meaningful change. Connect with us—let’s innovate and lead together to shape the future of education.


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