Legacy: Will you be forgotten?

28000 days benext global Apr 30, 2019

My grandfather passed away when I was 18 and it was then I started counting. I wondered, how would I be remembered? How would I live up to his legacy? What would be my story?

If my grandfather were here, he'd love this spot-- classy guy, always making big moves, immaculately press suits and a personality that commanded attention. Ever since he passed. Every step I take, I felt him watching over me.

The terrain is a social entrepreneur. It's kind of tough. You don't know where to go every time the road gets roughly. My grandfather's story begins when he drops out in the 6th grade to become a traveling salesman throughout Mexico. Him and his brother get in a car and start driving the entire country, making the pitches, making the sales. No big family name, not much prestige, but tons of drive and the willingness to make a mark. He wasn't bad at it.

He makes enough money to start his own tire company in the state of Coahuila and people are starting to get to know him. This was a kid! The neat thing about his story is that it all began when he had to leave school. They say necessity is the mother of creativity. My grandfather certainly had that creativity. Nothing stopped him. He was always looking to do that next big thing. A friend of his approaches him and says, I have a deal for you. You're known as a big businessman in town. We need a point that's going to set up all the business deals for radio in Northern Mexico to happen. You in?

So that's the story of how my grandfather becomes a radio exec, an ad man and how the family moves to the Borderland area. I still wonder, will I live up to my grandfather's legacy? And I'm not quite sure, but I do know this legacy is a guide. It's something that lives inside all of us. Whether it's in the stories of our family members or stories of people that we admire, legacy is important. So let's have a conversation. What legacy would you like to leave behind? What legacies do you admire? Hashtag #28000 days hashtag #legacy and we'll see you next time.

There you have it. 28,000 series is on its second episode.

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